Andy Grant Motivation | Royal Marine. Athlete. Inspirational Speaker.
Listening to Andy talking about his experiences, from being shot and blown up, to making life changing decisions, will have a lasting impact on how you live your life and how you can turn negatives into positives.
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Andy Grant

Andy has been through more than most have in their lifetime. From losing his mother aged 12, to joining the Royal Marines, to serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, to being injured by an IED, becoming medically discharged and consequently facing life as an amputee. Although what Andy has been through is unique, the problems and adversities we all face in our daily lives are very similar. Hear him share his story and more on the ‘S.M.A.R.T’ technique – a mnemonic he has created to help him and others deal with problems. He will explain that life will put you in all kinds of situations, but it need not determine you as a person – it’s how you react.

Andy Grant Motivation

Whether your business is struggling with working pressures, with decision making or with team spirit, bonding and efficiency, listening to Andy talking about his experiences – from being shot and blown up, to making life changing decisions, can have a lasting impact on how to live life and how to turn a negative into a positive and change a situation.