Andy Grant Motivation | Speaking
Listening to Andy talking about his experiences, from being shot and blown up, to making life changing decisions, will have a lasting impact on how you live your life and how you can turn negatives into positives.
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Whether your business is struggling with daily pressures, decision making or with team spirit, bonding or efficiency, listening to Andy talk about his experiences – from being shot at and blown up to making life changing decisions – can have a lasting impact on how to live your life and how to turn a negative into a positive and change a situation.


Inspiring children, especially teenagers, to put in 100% effort into their schoolwork and thinking, can be extremely difficult and frustrating for their teachers and support workers.

Andy can provide an engaging talk that interests and stimulates even the most disengaged children and shows them that the decisions they are making at 15 and 16 can go onto affect their future and the rest of their lives.

With his funny, almost unbelievable and thought provoking stories, Andy can certainly put a spin on life that most teachers will not be able to.


It has been extremely beneficial for the teachers to see how well young children have listened, understood and interpreted Andy’s stories. His informal visits and chats have been a fantastic introduction and links to subjects such as doing your best, challenges, team spirit, friendship, historical events and disability, to name but a few.


Liverpool Football Club were the first Premier League team to see the benefit of having Andy come in to speak to their younger squad. Andy uses analogies to compare his personal and professional Royal Marine life to that of the sporting world and aims to inspire people to realise that, as in life, sporting knockbacks are inevitable. It is how you react and respond to them, that is so vitally important and Andy emphasises the need and importance of resilience and stamina, both physical and mental.


Not requiring a formal presentation, doesn’t limit what Andy can provide. Andy enjoys the opportunity to meet and speak with new people, in new settings and to share some of the serious and funnier aspects of his life stories!